Tax planning is an important service we offer, to provide a review of the financial performance of your business and your projected tax situation before the end of the financial year. It focuses on managing risks and capitalising on opportunities to appropriately manage your tax exposure and efficiently forecast the amount of tax you may pay.

This review allows us to assist you with the following objectives:

  • Estimate the amount of income tax payable for this year, and the amounts and timing of tax instalments for next year.
  • Determine the optimum mix of gross salary (and corresponding PAYG withholdings) and superannuation contributions to be paid this year.
  • Consider income tax planning initiatives that may be undertaken to minimise income tax for the current year.

Should you wish to proceed with this review, please complete the below questionnaire/s and return them to us with your books for the period ending 31 March 2024 or contact our office to organise an appointment.